Fokus und Konzentration

Heute einfach mal ein Zitat eines Mentaltrainers. Wichtig, sich daran immer wieder zu erinnern und zu üben.


The best thing you can do to IMPROVE YOUR CONCENTRATION is to learn how to catch yourself when your mind wanders. It’s a paradoxical skill, because you learn to concentrate by recognizing when you’re NOT concentrating, and then bringing your attention back to the task at hand.
Sometimes your mind is going to wander, that’s just part of how it works, it’s designed to think and there are many times in life when thinking is a good thing, but NOT right before or during a performance. Your attention is much better served in focusing on your body and the circumstances around you instead!
Next time you’re in the arena, whether it’s for practice or a game, and your mind is distracted with thoughts about school, what’s for dinner, or how you „should“ be doing better in your sport, just stop and label those as „thoughts,“ take a deep breath, and bring your attention to performing your best in that moment.
It may sound simple, but HAVING CONTROL OF YOUR CONCENTRATION is the stuff of champions and it takes time to develop!
(Dr. Alan Goldberg)

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