Gedanken …

Sei du selbst!

Lenka von Archerology schreibt:

„In these last 2 years of intense shooting and trying to improve as much as I could, I understood that being first is not everything (as long as you are not a professional archer). There are many archers who are worth to be first but they are not. Maybe they don’t have enough time to practice, or no money to do competitions or other life problems which don’t allow to show the whole talent that is in them. But you still can have your own style, you can still be different from others and great in what you do. Just do it with heart and don’t expect gold medals on your necks. It’s not just a gold medal that makes people notice you. It’s you, your attitude towards archery and how you enjoy the game. So if the results are not the best, don’t worry. It’s enough to enjoy what you do, make little steps forward and listen to those who want to help you even if the help means changing things and learning some new! Never give up on what you love the most!♡ „



Damit sprach sie mir aus dem Herzen!

Lenka, that’s MY Topic! 😉
I’m still a starter in archery, but have some ambitions to get „better“.
Sadly in my instinctive archery experience that led to target panic – because I was not „allowed“ to aim and saw no progress. Although I love instincti
ve shooting!
Now I’m shooting with sight and scope – and it’s so relaxing! Now I’m allowed to aim – and that really doesn’t mean I’m getting the 10! 😀
Now I’m able to enjoy archery again and it doesn’t matter how „good“ my results are. I’m able to learn again, and my IB-time helps me a lot to get a „feeling“ about my shooting routine. So all the hard way was and is necessary – and I’m glad my coach is able to guide me on the new way too.
Still have to work on my self-worth and -confidence, but it seems I’m on MY way now. Yes, it’s different – and great!

Sie antwortete: So nice to read this. It means you have a good coach. Every archer meets problems on his/her way…like in life. The question is….quit or not to quit?

Natürlich NICHT aufgeben! (y)
Aber der Weg dahin ist eben nicht einfach …
Ich bin sehr froh, dass mich CC auch auf diesem Weg begleitet und ich im JBC die Möglichkeit habe, 3D auch mit dem Compound zu schießen!

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