Lenka von Archerology auf Facebook schreibt:

Relax your heart
„I have to be honest with you, I stole this „quote“ from my archery friend. Often we say we have to relax the bow hand, the release hand, this and that but at the end relaxing our heart kind of sums it all up. If we focus on one thing, we usually forget the other one. But our heart is the one that can make you feel comfortable at the line that means so much to you. We observe the target, we hear other archers, we control the time, we think that we shot 10 and we have to repeat it, we raise the bow and then we notice that the shot will never be good but we shoot anyway, we feel like we need to breathe more, we think of that 4 and we decide that this time it will be 10….okay…9…..ok 8 is enough, we look on other competitors and think that their technique is worse but they score more points anyway, or we think how much we still have to practice to execute a shot as effortless as some of the archers… We try to isolate but in some way we are not able to do it!
Do you know when you talk about something with others and e.i. you forget some word you want to use. You know that word but is doesn’t come to your mind, you know it is there, so close to your thounge but you just cannot remember? And then you spend hours to think about that word? Well, that is what I feel about my technique recently! It is somewhere inside of me, somewhere there in the air, I almost have it but then it disappears. I understood that only if I am able to forget the points, the target, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of starting all over again when I have almost made it….just when I forget all these things, I can shoot well. It’s difficult. My mind doesn’t want to loose against my heart. Well, the only thing that remains is to try again….every day again and again. Hopefully one day I just take the bow in my hands and my heart will relax…“

Ja, das wünsche ich mir auch!:)
Das war auch mein Kommentar zu dem Posting, im Wissen, dass das eine lebenslange Aufgabe ist… Lenka schrieb dazu: „Everyone of us has more or less problems in life, but I believe everyone can do it but 99% just give up because it’s easier to do so! Be that 1% 😉 „


In einem älteren Post schreibt sie mir aus der Seele!

„This is what came to my mind today at the shooting range while I was angry with myself and my coach was looking at me what the hell I was doing „smile“-Emoticon I couldn’t shoot in the right way so I shot again and again and again until I got it right and I felt finally like an archer! The better is your technique, the bigger seem your ups and downs. Two years ago I wouldn’t even notice some things that now are obvious for me. I can correct myself often alone. And many times I figure out the problems by myself as I already know my common mistakes. But today I needed my coach to correct me. He tried to calm me down as my heart was beating out loud because things didn’t work my way. But then I saw my friend shooting excellent arrows after a long time and I was really happy to see that! Somebody does it right (my friend) and somebody again (me)! It was nice to see my archery mates that they care and they understand difficult moments without thinking that I am funny getting angry because of archery. I get angry because I do care a lot. I came home from practice happy and relaxed thanks to them. Then I heard a friend of mine „struggling“ in Vegas and I smiled. I smiled because I imagined myself this morning angry and hopeless and right after I was the one who was encouraging another archer. This is the thing I love about archery. Usually every archer is very delicate, joking, willing to cheer you up without letting you feel like an absolute looser (because often it happens…). If you are not able to do it right at the first time, it means you need time and try it again and again. Time can be a good ally if you know how to use it!“

Ich bin froh, dass der Reisende und die Trainingsgruppe solche schwierigen Momente auffangen. Wir sind schon eine tolle Truppe, trotz aller Unterschiede in Erfahrung und Bogenklasse! Auch von unserer Trainingsgruppe war übrigens einer in Las Vegas. Mit seinem Ergebnis war er nicht so zufrieden (wir schon!), aber Hauptsache Spaß gehabt!


Und zum Schluss hier noch ein paar sehr wertvolle Gedanken von Lenka:

„I am not a fanatic archer. I don’t buy expensive bows and arrows and I do not change things every 4 weeks on my bow. I am convinced that if you know how to shoot, you can shoot perfectly even with a low cost bow (and one of my teammates is a proof of it). Of course, you have to buy a bow that you like visually but the bow won’t hit the gold by itself. At the end it’s all about you and how you can manage your equipement! It’s about how you can feel the shot and how you can concentrate on the execution of the shot. It’s always you. You should rise with every practice, every competition. All bad and good experiences should be used in order to understand yourself better. Archery takes me to another dimension and nobody who is not an archer can understand. Or at least, nobody who doesn’t have a real passion in life. And I tell you one thing….most of the people I meet everyday has no idea what passion and dedication mean! Once you are completely „hijacked“ by this passion, there is no way back. The more you give up on things in your life in order to get bettter, the less people around you understand. Well, never mind! Surround yourself just with people who can teach you or help you to be what you really want to be! Surround yourself with those who love you for your passion!“

Es ist schon so, man wird süchtig! ;D


Positive Glaubenssätze für das Selbstwertgefühl! ❗

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